Our objective is to ensure that each and every one of our clients are safe in the knowledge that their premises, staff and goods are secure and protected.

Alarm Response and Key Holding

The Dynamo Security Alarm Response Service can eliminate the inconvenience of false alarm activations and can also remove the physical risk that you and your employees may face as a result of a genuine activation.

Dynamo Security Services Limited will act as your primary key holder and respond to any alarm activations on your behalf. In the event of the alarm on your premises being activated, our fully manned control centre will liaise with your alarm receiving centre and ascertain the appropriate course of the activation. A member of the response team will visit the premises, ensuring that it is secure as quickly as possible.

Key holding Service

There may be occasions where you may require building access by contractors, employees or other visitors, outside of your normal hours of operation. Dynamo Security Services will look after your keys and provide a lock and unlock service for your premises. We can also provide access support for any type of emergency, such as incidents relating to water or electricity, allowing the appropriate authority entry onto your premises.

Security & Reporting

Our office and all our vehicles are both fully secured to ensure the safety of your keys, making sure that the risk of them falling into the wrong hands is minimal. We will provide you with all the necessary documentation and information you require, such as in depth incident reports, patrol visits reports and key receipts, to support your business and to give you peace of mind.

Security Risk Management

Dog Handling

Door Supervisors

Security Boarding

Alarm Response

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